Bug tracking probably means something different to you than it does to the Hillbilly but if it gets you half as excited as it gets me, be sure to wander on over to http://youtrack.codebetter.com. As a sister-aunt service to http://teamcity.codebetter.com, we’re now offering a free issue tracking service to OSS projects, courtesy of the gentle folk at JetBrains.

Hadi Hariri has more details on how to sign up. Despite doing all the work, he also graciously thanks me for all my hard work and if replying to emails with “Good idea” and “Let’s do it!” and “If you think I’m supporting all these &*%$ whiners and their ‘issues’ then you’d better add ‘Hadi’s Personality’ to the project list ‘cause you got issues of your own” is all it takes to get gratitude these days, then I’m owed a whole lotta appreciation.

Happy bugging!

Kyle the Etymologist*

*Yes, yes, I know. I’m trying to be subtle here.