You know this by now but my university English professor is a mean sucker and would hunt me down if I didn't provide context for this post. Microsoft will be shipping jQuery with ASP.NET MVC and Visual Studio. I imagine there will be lots to Google about this in the coming days but you can start at the source: ScottGu, ScottHa, John Ressig.

I freakin' LOVE this news if for no other reason than I finally have a counter argument to the MVC mainstay complaint "what about my server-side controls?". According to John Ressig's post, Microsoft will be developing controls on top of jQuery. Combine that with the news that Visual Studio will have IntelliSense support for jQuery and you have yourself a happy codin' hillbilly.

My underlying interpretation of this is that Microsoft will provide reasonable alternatives to the stock server-side controls using jQuery instead. Rob Connery has already provided a pretty detailed tutorial on creating a paged grid in MVC, and he didn't even use jQuery.

Oh yeah, and this is a bold new direction for Microsoft and they're welcoming Open Source and the community and blah blah blah. Whatever, as long as I have something else to say besides "yeah, well, you smell" to people unwilling to give up their GridView.

Kyle the Argumentative