Well, Canada turns 141 years old today and as we all know, 141 is the Conference anniversary. So in keeping with that, registration is now open for the alt.net Canada Open Spaces Extravaganza. Get your requests in early because only the first 100 will be allowed in and at the time of writing, over 10% of those are filled already. After that, you'll have to do what all Canadians do and try to cozy up to the bouncer.

I will personally guarantee satisfaction at *any* cost for all who attend so don't delay. It will be held in the future capital of West Canada: Calgary, Alberta at the University of Calgary. Full details on the site.

Organizing, and in attendance, will be a gaggle of good Canucks, including (in alphabetical order by first name): Bil Simser, D'Arcy Lussier, Dave Woods, Donald Belcham, Greg Young, James Kovacs, Justice Gray, and Terry Thibodeau. And facilitating will be facilitator extraordinaire, Doc List, which was a bit of a coup for us.

So if you haven't been able to make it to one of the previous events in Seattle or Austin because of "border troubles", no more excuses.

Kyle the Hyped