Quick announcement/reminder today. The inaugural meeting for the Bahamas .NET User Group is in two days. Thanks to IPBS for allowing us to use their office to host it. They are located on Moseley Lane.

You can get to it by going west on Shirley Street and turning right on to Moseley Lane right after the entrance to Harbour Bay. And I mean RIGHT after the entrance, like about ten feet after so don't miss it.

It's a one-way street going north, too so you can't get to it from Bay Street. If you are coming from the west, you can turn into Harbour Bay, head to Shirley Street, then make a U-turn on to it.

Festivities start at 6:00pm and will end whenever we run out of things to say. It will be a round-table discussion on the nature of software development in the Bahamas.

Thanks to our sponsors for their support, especially the local businesses who see some potential in our little gang:

Come for the free food and prizes, stay for the stimulating conversation.

Kyle the Marketeer