In another lifetime/blog, I did a little mini-series on working remotely. It started with some tips on landing remote contracts and it's time to practice what I preach after being unceremoniously thrown to the wolves today. Something about budgets or not wearing pants during videoconferences or some dang thing. I half-considered not going quietly but it's hard to appear menacing when you can be silenced by a dial tone. Let it not be said there are no downsides to working remotely.

So not the ideal place to be three weeks before one's birthday but hillbillies are optimistic by nature and I'm not cancelling my plans to go to DevTeach just yet. And to make this post not *too* obvious that I'm soliciting my readership, I'll toss out some generic advice on the benefits of optimism, patience, and integrity in the face of opposing forces who smell badly and probably still wet their beds. Here goes...

Optimism, patience, and integrity are good.

I'll end now because frankly, I'm kind of forcing it at this point. But still: tell your friends.

Kyle the Blatant