<to the tune of The Beverly Hillbillies>bc_final

Come and listen to a story 'bout a blogger named Kyle
Didn't have much to say but he said it with some style
Day after day, he'd talk of TDD
AJAX and patterns and working remotely

Far, that is. Distant. Boondocks. 

Kyle blogged on and off for a little more'n a year
Then the CodeBetter folks said, "blog on over here!"
Said "we're big fans of your posts on hooch and 'shine"
So he packed up his feed and left his home behind.

Virtually, that is. Forsaken. But not forgotten.


Alas, it is the end of an era. The Coding Hillbilly has a new home (which explains the irony of the new skin). I've been called up to the majors over at www.CodeBetter.com. This place has been a nice little starter trailer but you can go only so long without indoor plumbing. Not sure what I'll do without dasBlog as my default blog-filler now.

The feed will (theoretically) stay the same for those of you who want to continue reading my ramblings without subscribing to the CodeBetter main feed. http://kyle.baley.org will continue to point here to minimize broken links but I've moved http://www.codinghillbilly.com to point to the new location (again, theoretically).

See y'all on the other side

Kyle the Promoted