I swear I do code once in a while and my blog will reflect that again soon. But first, I want to follow up on my DevTeach presenter summary for the remaining presenters I saw during the conference.

Oren Eini - Rapid web development with MonoRail

Presentation Alias: The Mentor
Underlying motif: Experienced and practiced
Summary: Oren's presentation had a feel of "I've tried every possible combination and this technique is the best one". Although it was an introduction, he covered not only MonoRail but Windsor and ActiveRecord.

Steven Rockarts - Generics: They're not just about collections

Presentation Alias: The Energizer
Underlying motif: Laconic and unflappable
Summary: For a guy whose last name is barely an anagram away from Rock Star, I was expecting at least a mullet. You won't see the words "unrestrained energy" in his evals but he's got a good Steven Wright thing going that is interesting to watch. And the guy is not fazed by anything.

Justice Gray - Microsoft MVC Architecture...what side are YOU on?

Presentation Alias: The Sex Magnate
Underlying motif: Wanton and uninhibited .NET lust
Summary: I'll confess, I didn't make up the presentation alias. I took it directly from Justice's business card (you probably think I'm kidding). He mixes entertainment (depending on whether you're the topic at hand or not) with hard-core tech talk like no other and dove pretty deep into MVC in a way people won't soon forget, even if Donald really wants you to.

All in all, I'd love to see all the presenters again next DevTeach. Preferably at the bar after the session.

Kyle the Teetotalled