Sweet Zombie Jayzus, how is it that in the year 2007, we are forced to deal with a screen such as this?


In the name of all that is hillbilly, WHY CAN'T I SORT THIS LIST?!? I've had to break out the calculus books to try to figure out the algorithm used to display this monstrosity and as far as I can tell, it is proof positive that computers can in fact generate true random numbers.

For the record, I wanted to add an app.config file to my project. You don't see it here because it's listed at the bottom as Application Configuration File. Nested 'twixt VBScript File and MDI Parent.

On a side note, don't ask me how I know but I'm positive that the entry for "Database Unit Test" is going to show up in my nightmares tonight.

Kyle the Becalmed