One fairly important thing I forgot to mention about my glorious return to the Bahamas is the recent purchase of our new piano! From an ex-neighbour who has graciously moved back to Vienna. And judging from the interest she got in it, I'm lucky I got it while I could. Word is she had to fend off other budding musicians with a pointed stick.

It's an electric one, a Clavinova, that I've come to adore in a short period. About a dozen or so instruments (Scarborough Fair on a classic guitar! Take Five on jazz organ! Pink Floyd's The Wall on harpsichord!) plus about fifty classical pieces pre-programmed that you can play along with (either left or right hand or both). There's a demo mode that has been providing hours (and I do mean *hours*) of entertainment for Sydney. And a record mode that has led to some, shall we say, nouveau concertos from Syd.

And the best features: a headphone jack and a volume knob! Great for banging out In the Hall of the Mountain King at 7:00 in the morning and Axel F, well, anytime. (I do have neighbours and a reputation, y'know.)

But sadly, at the moment, it sits idle in the living room. Mocking me. Courtesy of the Weekly Wednesday Bahamian Power Outage.