Sure is great to be working from home. Just think of the time I'll save on the commute! Not to mention how much better it will be for my health not to eat out all the time.

This is awesome. Was a little cumbersome logging in. Bit of an inconvenient having to first connect to the VPN, then log in to Citrix, then connect to my machine at the office, then launch Remote Desktop. But it's totally gonna be worth it!

The rest of team is just rolling into the office and I've already slammed down two bugs. I'm changing my name to Wile E. Coyote, Soo-per Gee-nius. Sucks that I can't use my AutoHotkey shortcuts because of Citrix, though. Didn't realize I had set up so many of them. Oh well, guess I have to go old school for a bit. At least the ReSharper shortcuts still work.

My first remote Scrum. Fielded my share of jibes about the weather and working in my pajamas (I felt it best not to reveal that I sleep commando) but I didn't mention the two times I've had to reconnect already because of the ludicrous five-minute timeout and Citrix's inability to deal effectively with it. Gotta keep the mystique alive.

Hmmm...Can't launch Launchy on the remote machine either. Alt+Space keeps opening it up on my local machine. Ditto SlickRun. And even the Windows key (and Ctrl+Esc). Man, that's really gonna hurt. But no matter! Time for a nice healthy turkey sandwich on whole grain bread for lunch!

Are you kidding me? I can't even Alt+Tab between my apps when I use Remote Desktop in Citrix? Where's my *$%# mouse?

Who the *&^# looked at a rat and said, "Now, THERE's a way to navigate your way around a visual desktop". Seriously, someone has to tell me who invented the mouse so I can go to his house and "watch him sleep". I can't believe I used to use this little plastic phallic symbol. I need a snack. I know there are some chips around here somewhere...

Sweet Zombie Jayzus, WHERE THE &*%$ ARE ALL MY PROGRAMS? I haven't opened the Start Menu since the first week and now it looks like my desktop wallpaper whenever I expand the *$#^ thing. Plus I think I deleted a bunch of them because I had AutoHotkey shortcuts set up for them. Who knew I'd have to one day use this thing again?

Dear client...I'm so sorry...I...I can't go on...The mouse...it's so...bulky. I feel like Shrek when I try to click on a program in the taskbar. Google is three clicks and eight keystrokes away at any given moment. An eternity, I'm sure you'll agree. The keyboard has become this unknown...beast...of a device. I have so very many unused applications open on my laptop that I opened by mistake thinking they would open in my Remote Desktop. I'm scared to press Alt+F4 not knowing just exactly what will close. I'm scared I'm losing my mind. I'm scared I won't make it until the pizza delivery van shows up with the three eight-cheese pizzas I ordered. I'm scared...