Now that the honeymoon period is over with my recent switch to GoDaddy, I'm starting to notice some cracks in the veneer. Primarily with their e-mail service which has a tendency to assume that any e-mail originating from the Bahamas is spam, especially ones that come from my bank. But they also don't allow any e-mail through that comes from a mail server that doesn't have a reverse DNS entry.

All in all, it just makes me wonder why they have to be so draconian while Google is more effective without all the rules. Besides which, I'd much rather get spam (which I can delete) than have people get bounced messages (which I don't know about) and not be able to get hold of me at all.

The next beef I have is the lack of a toll-free number. It didn't bother me at first because I was using a Vonage account to contact them. But now I'm in Calgary for the summer and it's not so free anymore. What's even more inexplicable is the 1.866 number at the end of this ad which, when you call it, just gives you options to complain about the ad.

Finally, and this one isn't totally fair, their "biggest" e-mail plan is 100 e-mail address and 2Gb of space. That's 2Gb total spread out over the number of e-mail addresses you have. In our case, we have about 10, which means 200Mb per address. Kind of lame since Google Apps offers 2Gb for free. But I knew this limitation going in so that's why it's not really fair to whine about it now.

Summary: Thumbs up still for the dedicated server which is running nicely. The e-mail service will probably remain for the year that I paid for mostly because I don't want to put my family through another migration so soon after the last one.

Kyle the Sent