The Coding Hillbilly has been neglectful of his readership lately and for that, I apologize. I'd like to say it's because I've had nothing interesting to say but I don't want to invite comments about the quality of past posts. Let's just say I've been busy since that usually elicits few questions and knowing nods.

I'm entering Professional Development mode for the next little while. Not sure for how long but according to the mantra I've decided to adopt, it could be upwards of 2 years, although I'm confident I'll have it done much sooner. I'm targeting for the end of this post.

My first stop has been Subversion, which I've ignored long enough, mostly because version control systems fall under the category of "wholly uninteresting" in my books. It's a whole different system than what I'm used to (and I don't mind admitting that that's SourceSafe) but thanks to Surfulator, I was up and running in twenty minutes. My lawyers will be contacting the Surfulator about the extra five minutes.

Next up will be to spend some more quality time with NAnt (and/or MSBuild) and CruiseControl than I have in the past few years. I was pretty proficient with NAnt back in the early 21st century but more recent projects have usually eschewed "doing it right" in favour of "doing it fast". And I have to admit to feeding this somewhat because I can work pretty fast when I'm not doing things right.

But it's getting old sitting by the sidelines while everyone else in my Blogroll spews terms I have to figure out from their context. And the time is nigh where I have to put more thought into the projects I accept even though the laissez-faire method has done me no harm for the last ten years (sweet Jayzus, has it been that long?!?).

That's right, folks. You're now reading the meanderings of a Hillbilly with a Mission!

Not to be confused with a Hobo with a Shotgun.