So I've caught myself up on Heroes thanks to the magic of BitTorrent. And I have no qualms admitting that while I live in the Bahamas. If the government can look the public in the eye and say Anna Nicole didn't get special treatment, I can claim BitTorrent isn't stealing. I sleep at night because frankly, if I didn't have BitTorrent, I just wouldn't watch it.

Anyway, I'm loving the show even though it stretches the limits of realism, even within the framework its created. At the beginning, there were about five "heroes", all with real, tangible powers: flying, teleportation, regeneration, abilities your average five-year-old could wrap his head around. Except for one woman who has the superhuman power of split personality. (For the rest of this post, I'll just shorten that one to "PMS".) But other than her, the heroes were rare and had nice, meaty powers.

Now, around episode twenty, you can't throw a chunk of Kryptonite without hitting someone with powers. Pretty soon they're going to have their own support group and will be subject to affirmative action. And the abilities now range from someone who can make himself explode (theoretically at least, it's not something you can test out more than once) to a woman with built-in WiFi. There are at least two supercouples on the show, both of which have superkids, and in neither case did either member of the couple know about the others' secret when they got it on. Bad luck for "walking through walls" man for ending up with Sybil but to his credit, she *is* hot.

The Haitian is particularly entertaining. I have no idea how everybody instinctively knows he's Haitian. He just looks like a regular guy to me. But then I've never been good at telling a man's country of origin from his facial features. What amuses me about him though is that the only other Haitian I know is not exactly the type of guy you would associate with superpowers. Although maybe he does have some sort of time manipulation ability which might explain how he's able to move so slowly.

But despite all this and the regular talk of destiny and fate, I never miss it (if you catch my drift). And I'm kind of interested to see what power George Takei is eventually going to sprout.