Hot water continued to elude us this morning so we're taking advantage of the free shampoo, the 24 hour hot tub, and the lack of hotel staff at three in the morning. They got some crazy effective anti-foam chemicals in that spa.

Despite these antics, the Shilo Inn has found a way to extend our stay which is a relief. We weren't really looking forward to the Peery Hotel. For one thing, it's never fun to move hotels in the middle of your vacation. And for another, well, let's just say again that Priceline doesn't offer a lot of flexibility in the sleeping arrangements. In any case, Santos at the Shilo Inn is now an honorary hillbilly for yanking on strings for us and basically for being an enthusiastic listener to our Sundance accounts.

The other advantage to not moving is that we can slow down on our yogurt consumption now that we don't have to vacate our current refrigerator-equipped room. Remember, folks, just because you *can* buy in bulk, doesn't mean you *should*.

The two movies of the day were Joshua (see review) in the planet of Park City and Resurrecting the Champ (see review) in the king of theatres in Ogden. Had a great organist prior to the latter who knew his Disney tunes. And the crowd in Ogden is more our speed in that it is filled with human beings, not people that regularly call others (male or female) "darling" while talking into Bluetooth earpieces that look like grey Chicken McNuggets.

Still very few celebrity sightings although we have met someone who shook hands with Josh Hartnett, rode a bus with Robin Williams, and caught P. Diddy coming out of a club but he claims he doesn't go in for this star-watching thing. The director of Teeth sat in front of us at Joshua and I congratulated him on a great movie but other than that, we're still relegated to stalking Kate Beckinsale. Kate, if you're reading this, it's my brother's birthday tomorrow and he'd appreciate if you visited him in our hotel, preferably wearing your wardrobe from Underworld.