Friday the 13th today so let's be careful folks, even if you're not the superstitious type. Just as an example, my current employer had some bad luck this morning when my rate inexplicably doubled overnight without warning. I was just as shocked as you are. So you never know when it'll hit.

This is overdue but a belated congratulations to James Kovacs on his recently awarded MVP status for Visual Studio - Solutions Architect. I've worked with James on at least two projects that I can remember and have consulted with him on various topics on more projects than I can count, sometimes just to see if there's a topic he knows nothing about (come on, James, you didn't REALLY think I was working for the Government of Samoa, did you?).

Anyway, a more worthy candidate I have not met (and by corollary, if you *are* more worthy, I don't want to meet you). Technical expertise and great client-management skills wrapped up in a nice chocolatey coating. I could go on at length but he knows I love 'im already. Though I reserve the right to extol his virtues the next time I'm looking for work.

And if that's not enough, I hereby award James honorary Hillbilly status and declare him a member of Conscientious Coders. I suggest a trip to an unnamed island in the Caribbean for your celebration.