Finally starting to look at .NET 2.0 (unless you are a potential employer in which case, I've been working with it for weeks, nay months). And like many people, my first victim is a pet project. I'm converting an app I wrote for my brothers in a weekend over five years ago to get them off my back. You know the kind. I was a young ASP punk with an attitude and I was into AJAX (of course, back then the technology didn't share a name with a household cleaner). And so, consequences be damned, I wrote it using XSL, the XML DOM, javascript, and ADO's XML schema not knowing just how dependent my brothers would become on the app.

Back on topic: part of the app is a search screen that displays results in a grid. Perfect chance to check out the GridView. And it is at this point that I stumbled across ScottGu's blog. Specifically, his example on paging a GridView.

This example is pure gold. Not only does it explain how to page a GridView, it does so using Atlas. And using the ROW_NUMBER( ) feature in SQL Server 2005, a feature I had never heard of. And it uses Atlas to essentially mimic Google Suggest functionality. And it shows how to reference the Atlas library. And it binds the GridView to an object data source. And it uses Master files. And that's just what I've seen after a fifteen minute scan. Jayzus knows what other goodness lies within.