Finally caught up with the podcasts by the Plumbers @ Work. It's the only podcast I've listened to so far (where do people find the time to listen to these things en masse?) and it's great. On their website, they list all the links referenced in their ramblings which is some sort of minor genius because after listening to them, you have some context around the links and you can follow-up on the ones that sounded interesting. Much better than having some random list of URLs next to your posts.

My only minor beef: not enough disagreement in the group. C'mon guys! Windows Live can't be all that great. What do you REALLY want to say? I perked up when Bil started in on IE7 but he backed off before the slag alarm went off at Master Gates's Manor. Good to know it won't work with SharePoint though (yet).

Incidentally, I tried Live for about four-and-a-half minutes total. And I spent four of those minutes swearing at the computer because it would freeze whenever I tried to do anything with the weather gadget.