Yes, we're all still here. Not sure why I haven't posted in a while. We're just hanging about “keeping it real” as the young ‘uns say these days (a saying I like better than “my bad”; in my day, colloquialisms required nouns).

Last year, I and several friends from good old TCI planned a mini-reunion for around this time and it happened a couple of weeks ago. Of course, the dashing and endearing Wayne van der Zweep was the only one of you people with balls enough to show up so to you, Wayne, and your family, our hats are off in gratitude and well-wishes. The rest of you can go suck an egg.

I jest, of course (if I didn't, I would have used something more coherent than sucking on chicken pods). But Wayne, Nancy, and Seth were gracious guests and are welcome back anytime. Surprisingly, there was little to no reminiscing of the old days but that's, of course, because I don't remember them. Besides, Seth and Syd were busy creating some old days of their own to forget when they're in their thirties.