What a weekend. Arrived home Friday night to find an infestation in the house in the form of four five-year-old girls. My first reaction was to back away slowly and go back to work. But I'm never one to follow my better judgement so I waltzed in the door and said, “Hi!” prompting four very loud screeches that I'm sure you all heard wherever you are in the world.

Rest of the weekend was more subdued. One of Syd's friends stayed Friday and Saturday night which kept her occupied most of the time. The neighbours came over early Saturday evening and we test drove a recently-resurrected gas scooter which was a blast but I'll bet we didn't make friends with any nighbours who were trying to sleep. During one of his runs, Steve took a header that almost earned him the title of “Honorary Baley Member”. I say “almost” because he got up too fast for me to take pictures. But take it from me, it was worthy of our dear Aunt Laurel, whose skill and mastery of the art of falling down is legendary; to the point where we don't even need to ask the obligatory, “Are you okay?“ and we can go straight to the photo record. Anyway, Steve needs to work on his recovery reflexes which are far too quick.

Yesterday, I also experienced my first ever professional massage. She's Liza's new masseuse and after she was done with Liza, I was looking for any excuse to avoid another game of Candyland with Syd and Hailey so I asked for a go at the table. Was very relaxing and I do believe I'll have another one.

But all was not fun and merrymaking. Syd seems to have injured herself somehow in her side. Kept her (and as a result, us) up most of the night. Liza took pity on me at 1:00 and let me escape to another room to get sleep while she dealt with the fidgeting and moaning. Man, I love that woman. Don't think it's too serious. Our favorite theory at the moment is that she belly-flopped when I threw...er, lowered her into the pool.