So I got my third massage treatment in as many weeks yesterday. It was especially relaxing because Liza and Syd were out so no "interruptions". I put it in quotes because technically, I'm never interrupted but I hardly call a conversation 'twixt Liza and Syd right outside the door about why Syd can't come see me a relaxing experience. Last week, they weren't around for the first ten minutes but when they came home, Syd and her friend came racing upstairs, stopped outside the door and started whispering to each other. After a couple of minutes, I said, "What would you like, Syd?" They both came rushing in, asked if they could go swimming, and screamed like...well, little girls when I said "yes".

This all segues nicely into my theme for this post. Massages are nice and all and I can see why people get them regularly but for the most part, they don't do much for me. Indeed, Liza's been getting them regularly for some years and my first one was three weeks ago.

The fact is, I don't generally exert myself enough to require any sort of "therapy". And those of you who know me (and if you don't, Jayzus knows why you're reading this) also know that I'm not the most excitable person in the world. And in fact, the first couple had some stress involved which counteracted the intent. (I do NOT like to be touched behind my knees. And I think the masseuse got the message when I just about decapitated her for trying.) So why go through the dim lights, the soft music, the funky smelling oil?

It's the down time. One hour where I can zone out, tune out the world, and not have anything to do. I was going to say "not think about anything" but that's not true. Usually during that time, my mind is actually racing a mile a minute. But on good stuff. Some coding problem I'm trying to work through at work. Some way of getting past the Georgian rebels on Splinter Cell. The piano-fingering during the more difficult parts of Rhapsody in Blue. A potential story for the Ho Down (you have no idea how many stories don't actually get written).

You get the idea. It's stuff I like thinking about. A lot of the time, I'm kind of oblivious to the masseuse and the music. I catch myself not paying attention and focus on my surroundings for a while so that I can feel I'm getting my money's worth. But I do feel it's worth it, even if I don't get any tangible benefit from the session. Would probably be cheaper do skip the massage altogether but for some reason, it's a lot easier to explain to someone that you're letting a strange woman rub lotion on your half-naked body than it is to admit you're setting in an empty room thinking.

Anyway, the sessions will continue at least until Liza decides I don't need them anymore. After that, I suppose I'll start taking the dogs for a walk...

Side Note: Oh yeah, the hurricane. She came, she blew, she left. <The rest of this comment has been removed due to...ummmm...let's just say problems on the home front.>