Dropped Ann off at the airport yesterday for a week's vacaction in Alabama and just came from the airport to drop Syd and Dolly off for Syd's three-week sojourn in Calgary. Now Liza and I are wandering around in a daze wondering what to do for the next week. We've stockpiled microwave popcorn and Kraft Dinner so the menu's taken care of. I've also been watching War of the Roses for inspiration.

Syd was pretty excited about her trip until we hit the airport. When I picked her up to carry her in from the parking lot, she threw her arms around my neck and buried her head in my shoulder and didn't say anything for the entire rest of the time I saw her. The only communication I could get out of her was a nod or a shake of the head. (”Do you still want to go to Calgary?” “Or do you want to stay here?” “Or do you want Daddy to come with you?” ). So after a long good-bye and a brief definition of the word “bittersweet”, we sent her on her way.

Oh yeah, toga party at our place this Friday night.