Just got back from a field trip with Syd's class. The brave and valiant Ms. Collie took 21 four-year-olds to the post office to help with their foray into “Communication”. I went along so I could add to my “I meant well but didn't really think things through” list. I swear to Jayzus I'm heading upstairs for a nap as soon as I hit Save. The only real eye-opener was during a Q&A period when kids started asking variations on “Can you send <insert item> in the mail?“ and one boy's version was “What about drugs?“

Something I thought was interesting before we left, though. On the board, there were some notes from a previous discussion with the children. Ms. Collie and the children had composed a letter to Mrs. Morrison and family (whom I don't know). At the end was the question, “Should we mail or e-mail our letter to Mrs. Morrison?” Ms. Collie had apparently put the question to a vote (I'm not sure I want my four-year-old learning about democracy quite this early in the game, but that's another story) and the results were 17 for e-mail and 3 for mail. Score one for the Internet Age. As it is, I don't think Syd had even heard of regular mail before they started talking about it in school.

Our “cold snap” seems to have ended as temperatures now regularly cross over the “Uncomfortable” boundary into “Illegally hot” territory. Our puppies are nowhere to be found during the day and I can only assume they bury themselves in the dirt until evening when the heat isn't so bad. Both of them take regular dips in the pool, though, so I'm not too concerned.

Must sleep so just a final “F&*$ you” to Colin Campbell for banning Nieminen from tonight's game. GO FLAMES!