Quick report from London. Liza and I have been here for six days for Pedro's course. The course is over but we have the next four days for vacationing before heading back to the Bahamas.

Haven't been very good tourists yet but we'll make up for it in the coming days. I really love it here but can't understand how Londoners put up with the incredible lack of any service that even remotely approaches quality. But I suppose if I could get away with charging someone an exorbitant amount for a crappy product and not have to treat them humanely, I'd do it, too. I'd have to master the art of turning my back on a customer in mid-question, though. Seems to be instinctive around here. I think I've got the blank stare down. Just need to mix it with a "you are interrupting my intense perusal of the Star" attitude.

No Sydney this time. Last year was a logistical nightmare trying to keep her occupied, let alone entertained, during the day while we both worked. Besides, she has a social calendar to maintain. There are no traces of the shyness that her teacher mentioned in her first report card. She has three friends coming over in the next two days alone.

Was very happy to discover a good friend, Simon, is also in London for a while. Haven't seen him since leaving Calgary and was pleasantly surprised to find he was here. Met with him last Wednesday and assuming he's up for another round of Liza's constant reminders that he's single, we'll be out and about again this weekend.

More reports and pictures to come as events arise. So far, Liz the Queen (of England, not Queen Liza of the Bahamas) hasn't returned my calls but I'm still hopeful...