End of year class party finished today
Quite a blast it was, I must say
Twenty-odd kids in the fray
Though it felt more like fifty by the end of the day

So off we went on our foray
To Nicolas's house to play
The twenty-odd kids in Pre-K
Some parents, Ms. Collie and Ms. K

We couldn't ask for a more beautiful day
The sun shining high, not a hint of gray
Thank God for air conditioning is all I can say

The pool was a hit from the size of the “YAY“
That hit us when we arrived there to play
Then pizza and cupcakes, a veritable buffet
And a clown who did tricks, quite the display
Though I wouldn't necessarily call them tricks per se

All in all, we did OK
Though I can't imagine doing this every day
But all good things must end, as they say
So Ms. Collie announced, “We're on our way“
Prompting twenty pleas of, “I wanna stay“
And half a dozen parents: “NAY!“
Including the parents of one Sydney Baley

So much to the children's dismay
Back to St. Andrews, we made our way
The twenty-odd kids in Pre-K
The parents, Ms. Collie, and Ms. K

A more subdued ride home it was, I must say
At least for the parents, Ms. Collie, and Ms. K
The kids were still raring to play

I'm back at home now, recovering from the soiree
With the help of some vodka and perrier
Syd's outside swimming with Lauren K
Where they get their energy, I can't say
But they should both sleep well at the end of the day

So in closing, I just have this to say
”Good luck next year, Mrs. Masse”