Yes, Liza and I have become overnight Flames fans just because they are winning. So sue us for being patriotic. We don't even like hockey. I've been offered a contract in Tampa Bay and I'm planning on turning it down in about an hour but not before I add, “and your team's goin' down!” to my rejection.

Busy. busy weekend and we barely left the house. Another of Syd's school chums came over Saturday so it was a day of swimmin', trampolinin', and Barbie before Liza took them to an all-girl birthday party. Yesterday was pretty much the same with different friends. Got invited to the sailing club for lunch which was pretty nice except that Sydney was sporting a grade A attitude.

Also got a counter and kitchen tiles put up in Pedro's pool house so it's another step closer to being finished. Pedro seems to think hurricane shutters are the next major installation but I'm lobbying for air conditioning. Comfort before safety, I always say.

No news on our property yet so we're hoping no one has put in a better offer on it. Liza and I are going to do a walkabout this week to make sure there aren't any surprises in there. The agents here are pretty good about telling us stuff up front. At least ours was. She showed us one place and said she wouldn't take it unless they dropped the price another $50k.