Just over a week ago, we went on a day-long excursion to the northern Exumas with some new friends from the UK. A high-speed boat took us to a private beach. (It was about an hour and a half over fairly choppy water and Syd seems to have picked up her daddy's motion sickness.) When we got there, a middle-aged American couple started feeding us and they didn't want to stop. We laid on the beach for about an hour until the boat took a few of us out to the coral to go snorkeling.

Got back to the beach to a delicious lunch and afterward, we pitched everything into the water to feed the sharks and barracudas (which, I later discovered were swimming around just around the corner from the beach). Later, Syd got to feed a sting ray right from her hand and on the way back (along even choppier waters), we stopped to feed some iguanas on a little cay. The tour guide said no one knows how the iguanas got on the island to start with but I suspect the Ministry of Tourism had a hand in it.

Anyway, was a great excursion. Hope to do it again when someone else comes to visit.