Keeping this terser than usual. Got a new keyboard three days ago and want to record initial thoughts. Follow up to come in a few weeks. For now: Freakin’ HATE it! Space on one thumb, backspace on another. Alt-tab requires same hand stretching exercises I did during piano lessons. Common coding symbols (e.g. /}{][=) hard to reach. No Insert key without activating keypad. Enter right next to Space.

Things that have helped:

  • Dumping Launchy in favour of Executor (Better handling of file paths, can use space instead of tab for google searches)
  • Mapping CapsLock to Esc with SharpKeys
  • Mapping LCtrl+RCtrl to Alt-Tab and LCtrl and RWin to Shift-Alt-Tab through AutoHotKey
  • Mapping F1 to Esc with SharpKeys (Is this key useful for anything?)

Review unfair as still learning. Hope to return to sentences that don’t sound like written by Rorschach soon. Point in favour: no more pain in arm and wrist already.

Kyle the Fruistrrwated