This is a managerial update that I’ll include now so as to double my post count for the month.

I have resurrected my old blog over at Those of you who subscribe to my personal feed (and lord knows why you do when you can get all that and more with the CodeBetter one) have probably received a whole bunch of duplicates of recent posts, assuming I’ve configured everything properly.

imageAs I’ve mentioned before, I am staying put at CodeBetter for the foreseeable future. I mean, what kind of guy would use CodeBetter to boost his exposure, then bolt? But sometimes, I don’t feel like coding better. Sometimes, a guy just wants to sit down at his keyboard and code adequately (or, code worse). You know the feeling. You’ve just had a bad “experience” at a family gathering and you just wanna vent on the stifling rules society places on the more enlightened of us.

Plus, the Hillbilly has amassed more than a little knowledge in the Open Text Livelink arena (yeah, I hadn’t heard of it before either). But it’s rather specialized and has only a very little to do with what I consider CodeBetter material.

So I’m using the old homestead as a random dumping ground of even more random thoughts as well as an outlet for the very closed world of Livelink. (Those of you who are even remotely familiar with the product will probably understand the attraction to it by someone with very liberal views of family trees.) It will also be a nice little chronicle of my BahaNET adventures which I also feel has a more limited scope.

If you’re interested in joining me over there, I’ve updated my FeedGoogleBurnerAnalytic-type link to point to it, I think. Everything I post here will be posted there. The cross-posted material will be stuff I think is relevant to .NET and programming in general. So if that’s all you care about from me, there’s no need to adjust your set.

As for the rest of you, well, like I always say: You can’t save everybody.

Kyle the Debunked