Been putting this post off until I could give it the attention it deserves but the merits keep piling up on their own. DevTeach starts in about 3 weeks (yikes, is that all?) and there has been a flurry of activity around it. There is still time to sign up and if you are waffling, here is some information to tip the scales:

  • The Agile Track. And I shan't elaborate
  • This is unconfirmed but my sources tell me Jeff Lebowski (or possibly Eddie Vedder) will be doing the keynote. I sure hope that's true because I'll be very disappointed if it turns out to be a fake that just look like him.
  • Free copies of Visual Studio 2008 Pro, Expression Web 2, and Tech-Ed to EVERY participant

Despite my hyperbolic tendencies, that last one is not a joke. Over $1000 of software will be given to every attendee. Even if you come only for the regular conference, the net cost to you is approximately fifty bucks. (Of course, we won't mention the hidden fees associated with being in Montreal for a week away from your family/conscience.)

To get more information, John "Pipes" Bristowe interviewed main DevTeacher, Jean-Rene Roy about the conference. And Dave Woods outlines many more benefits (including the 10% WestJet discount I wish I knew about before I booked my flight.)

Kyle the DevTaught