Many thanks to Sebastian Lambla for inviting me to the London beers this past Tuesday evening. It was a fun evening and if you are in the London area, I'd recommend checking out future meetings. This was the second night out and they have plans to run it every month in the second or third week.

You can watch for it on the list but if, like me, you're stepping back from the list, Sebastian's blog is probably your best bet. He's a good resource to have in your blogroll in any case.

As it was only the second one, the format is still in flux but I like what I heard. Future meetings will including a period of tech talk on a pre-determined topic followed by much socializing. And in my experience, few places on earth are as amenable to that as central London.

Also thanks to the local community leaders, Zi Makki and Craig Murphy, as well as the eight or ten others I met briefly but didn't get to talk to as much as I would have liked. For a hillbilly working on his own in the .net frontier that is the Caribbean, it was a much-needed burst of geek socializing.

Kyle the Consorted