I've become rather acutely aware that my content has been lacking of late in the technical department. But I do have a couple of community announcements to make that are time-based so I'll compromise a bit and combine them into a single post. Then I'll take a hiatus until I have something more generically useful to say.

First off: Next BahaNET meeting is tonight at the usual digs, IPBS House. And based on past experience: When I say Moseley Lane is right after the entrance/exit to Harbour Bay off Shirley Street, I mean it's RIGHT after. As in about three feet. You can basically make a U-turn from the Harbour Bay exit on to Moseley Lane. Don't miss it.

The topic will be: connecting a website to a database. We'll discuss basic CRUD operations and yes, we will be dragging and dropping for better or for worse. You have to know your audience. Take comfort in the fact that I'll attach a bunch of codicils as I'm presenting. Hopefully, I'll be able to demonstrate the Dynamic Data thing as well, assuming I have time to look into it.

Next announcement: Donald Belcham and I recorded an episode of .NET Rocks earlier this week and through the magic of technology, it is already available. The topic, as you may have guessed, is Brownfield development. Elapsed time 'twixt the initial e-mail and the finished product was about ten days, which is pretty amazing. Even if Carl refused my request to digitally enhance my voice so that it sounds like Humphrey Bogart. ("Of all the apps in all the contracts in all the world, she had to refactor mine.")

And to top it all off, Derik Whittaker will be releasing the first in my series of Brownfield casts tomorrow at www.dimecasts.net. First one is on setting up your version control structure. There are many more to come and feedback is welcome.

Kyle the Supersaturated