Having backed out of the alt.net conference this weekend (for reasons I can make up if you care enough), my travel schedule focuses instead on DevTeach next month. And having typed that sentence out, I can't help wondering if my priorities are a little skewed but lesson learned for next fall I guess.

One of the e-mails I got updating me on DevTeach had a link on the top ten ways to convince your boss to let you go. I got pretty excited when I saw the title but was quickly dismayed. The industry is evolving too fast? Networking opportunities? Wireless access to stay in touch? How are these going to help me convince my boss?

Then it dawned on me. These are ways to convince your boss *at work* to let you go. And as a consultant, that's often a no-brainer for me. I tell them I'm taking the week off and usually they're happy they don't have to pay and/or deal with me.

But that doesn't mean I don't have some challenges to overcome in order to go. I'm not exactly a sole proprietor when it comes to taking a week off work with no pay to hang out in Toronto.

So without further ado (and with thanks to Derik Whittaker):

The Top Ten Ways To Convince Your *REAL* Boss To Let You Go To DevTeach

  1. I have too much free time on my hands
  2. You're just jealous 'cause I'll be learning about ASP.NET MVC and you won't
  3. I promise I'll turn my cell phone on this time
  4. I'll bring you back something nice. Like a P&P mug
  5. "Party with Palermo" is just a code name. For...uhhh....Pinochle with Palermo
  6. I bet that broken washing machine *will* fix itself while I'm gone
  7. If I don't go, all the other developers will laugh at me!
  8. I...uhhh....kinda need to leave the country for a while
  9. Where else am I going to get the social interaction and stimulating conversation that is missing from my life?
  10. At least I'm not going "fishing" like they did in Brokeback Mountain

And if none of those work, it's time to bring out the heavy artillery:

  • You wouldn't deny me a face-to-face meeting with Justice Gray, would you?

Feel free to add your own. Anything to help spread the word. I don't want anyone to miss out because "My wife/husband/significant other/eight-year-old daughter with a surprisingly stern voice said I couldn't go".

Kyle the Convinced