Suppose it would have been more appropriate to make today's announcement yesterday but c'est la vie, que sera sera, ou est la biblioteque and all that.

I'm writing a book with Donald Belcham on practices and techniques that can be used on brownfield applications. The official site is at where you can order the first four  chapters (which makes it sound like we've written more). Chapter 1 is free and as a preview of it, the last sentence is: "The one thing about brownfield development that will double your rate as a consultant, repair your failed side career as a bass guitarist, increase your "performance", and make you a babe and/or dude magnet is....".

Couple of trivia tidbits:

  • The guy on the cover was our third choice. First two were the Marquis de Sade and a hooded executioner, both of which we felt would have been more suitable for the topic. We settled on this one primarily because of the whiskey jug.
  • The TLA in the title is not an accident

There is a forum available for reporting errors, omissions, and criticism (constructive, reconstructive, destructive, instructive, or otherwise-structive).

So there it is, folks. The first Igloo/Hillbilly collaboration.

Kyle the Brownfielded