The company that invents a PDA that mimics the mind of Dave Noderer will have a license to print money based on what I witnessed this past Saturday. The man clearly thinks in terms of some DSL based on tasks and bulleted lists in order to pull together the South Florida Code Camp. Over 600 attendees, twelve tracks, at least three dozen speakers. All executed with the efficiency of a good UI, in that you don't even notice it until you stop to think about it.

Since I presented for half the allotted time, I didn't get a chance to see too many other presentations. Saw Mark Miller present on the science of good UI, a topic that probably deserves a separate post but I make no promises just yet. In any case, it was entertaining and thought-provoking. Also watched Larry Port talk on CruiseControl and NAnt and got some good tips from him.

For my part, I'm reasonably happy with how my sessions went though some need more work than others. Had a technical glitch during two of them in the form of a laptop crash that I won't speculate on just yet until I've had a chance to investigate further. Suffice it to say, my plan to screencast my presentations will not come to pass.

Other than that, if anyone attended any of the sessions, all feedback is welcome. But keep in mind that my psyche is very fragile and that any negative comments will be met with either, "I know you are but what am I?" or "Sticks and stones will break *your* bones..."

Also inspiring was the reaction I got from the user group community when I spoke of my plan to start a user group in the Bahamas. Hard to say whether it was the humanitarian spirit or the pleas of "For the love of all that is Hillbilly, schedule your code camp in winter!" from attendees visiting from northern parts of the country. I came away encouraged nonetheless.

Kyle the Camper