The Coding Hillbilly has been called up to the Show! Seems the members of CodeBetter are serious about the "alternative" part of ALT.NET and thus, I have myself a new home. And hoo-ee, wouldja lookit the size o' this place! A little less rustic than I'm used to but I believe me 'n my banjo, Flo'll do just fine, thanky-kindly.

If I may break character for a moment, I am officially Kyle Baley, a software developer going by the name Coding Hillbilly for reasons I swear are less interesting than you probably imagine (hint: I'm not really a hillbilly). I am some ten years into my career after abandoning a very brief initial stint as an actuary because frankly, those guys are just way too geeky. Although I'm interested in, and have dabbled with many things of late, my current love affairs in the industry include TDD and DDD and the surrounding tools and techniques. But I've been known to enjoy some cheap one-night-stands with the likes of Livelink or RPG on occasion. Born and raised in western Canada, I am currently living in the Bahamas where I suspect the next CodeBetter annual meeting will be held.

Speaking of my new roomies, many thanks to them for inviting me to infiltrate. I will do my best to do them proud but with my assumed nom de guerre, I make no guarantees. Those of you getting your first hit of the Hillbilly can find my blogging life to date over at I'll be seeding this with a couple of posts from the tail end of my run there for the sake of continuity. Potential stalkers can also get more personal insight at and which will remain active, albeit sparsely.

So again, thanks to the 'Better guys for their leap of faith. Time to go back to posting on squirrel huntin' and family trees/graphs.

Kyle the Transported