Well, joining the ALT.NET movement has certainly honed my inbox management skills. Thank Allah for GMail's conversation grouping feature.

Some good and irrelevant stuff being discussed in the user groups ("good" and "irrelevant" being subjective terms in keeping with the nature of the group). My own reaction has been mostly in line with Master Simser's which has also been espoused by more than a few people. That is, I've reached out to three user groups I've never spoken at before to offer my own brand of down-home, folksy advice as it pertains to software development.

I'm already starting to scan, rather than read, the e-mail exchanges which are focused on the group's identity. Not sure why people are so hung up on it, especially since we've got all of one conference under our belt. But if everyone was as passive as I am, I suppose there wouldn't have been a conference in the first place. In any case, that's not what I came here to jaw about.

Much has already been said on Microsoft/Scott Guthrie's MVC framework. And during the conference, more than one person asked, "what does this mean for Monorail"?

The fine folks of Castle apparently have been asked this question as well because when I wandered over to their website (looking for Monorail documentation), I found a nice little reaction specifically to that question. And it was one that I expected them to make: choice is a good thing and we'll be looking at how to integrate it with the rest of our products.

'Tis a good time to be a software developer.

Jay the Schizophrenic