The Bahamian Hillbilly has been neglectful, and for that, I...well, I feel nothing really. Not regret, not joy, not anger or remorse. More of a melancholic apathy really. A supernatural sense of indifference, if you will. You, beloved reader whom I cherish for allowing me to entertain you, rank ever so slightly above flossing my teeth in the grand scheme of things.

And yet, here I am. As are you.

Have been back home in the Bahamas for the last month and enjoying myself immensely. Liza surprised me with some freshly painted walls in our room and the living room as well as a nice little office set up on the third floor. I promptly claimed the territory as my own by downing a bowl of All Bran and a can of beans and leaving my scent at the entrance. (Which reminds me: my cholesterol is still down!)

We've continued with some minor renovations in Syd's room. She picked out some new paint colours using the scientific design technique of picking colours that sounded funny: citrus green, tangelo, and little piggy (she was pretty adamant about that last one). We're in the process of negotiating what to do with the leftover paint. Syd has some fairly radical ideas including a novel way of painting the ceiling fan (hint: it will be on) but for now, we're just trying to find matching curtains.

Went to the local food festival on the weekend. Canada won first place in the North American Booth competition which sounds impressive until you check the map (plus U.S.A. didn't enter this year). Syd and her friend, Hailey, were inspired by the festivities though and did some food experimenting of their own that night. The first attempt, involving orange juice, cinnamon, chocolate sauce, and Ranch dressing (among others), didn't go over too well but they had more success with a concoction that included milk, chocolate sauce, and crumbled up chocolate chip cookies.

The rest of our time has been pretty domestic. Hangin' at the pool, honing our Wii skillz, and trying our best to weather the fall weather.