Breaking form here by making someone else's link the sole topic of this post without adding anything other than kudos. But it's a really good link and it plays to my technical and musical leanings.

Props to Carl Franklin for a very impressive rendition of Home At Last (via Scott Hanselman). All four instruments *and* vocals (one can only assume he's doing backing vocals himself as well). Puts my own little flirtation with mixing from a few years ago, in the form of quotes from Glengarry Glen Ross intermingled with Pink Floyd's Money (sometimes very badly), into perspective. (Note: if you've seen the movie, you already know this but for those who haven't, that "flirtation" link is probably not safe for work. Carl's is.)

And yes, an e-mail has been sent to Carl to audition for Hillbilly Idol.

Kyle the Scouting