Three days after my nervous breakdown and lo! i am saved! Both my mind and spirit (still working on my body). If you recall, Launchy, SlickRun, the WinKey, and even Alt+Tab were not working on my remote desktop connection because I had to launch remote desktop within the context of a Citrix application.

Launchy has been re-enabled simply by disabling it in my laptop. I suppose that means that since Alt+Space isn't handled there, the keystroke is passed into Remote Desktop. Frankly, I don't care. I can find things again!

WinKey is still insistent about not entering into my remote desktop. But SlickRun is back by nature of AutoHotKey. Which brings me to...

AutoHotKey's status has been bumped from "great utility" to "the most awesome computer application ever invented". Thanks to it, I have remapped SlickRun to RightCtrl+R. More importantly are the following two lines I've added to the AutoHotKey script:

RControl & RShift::AltTab
RControl & Enter::ShiftAltTab

This is taken directly from the AutoHotKey documentation. What it means is that I can Alt-Tab my way through applications by holding down RightCtrl and repeatedly pressing RightShift. Ditto for going the other direction by pressing RightCtrl and Enter. And since I rarely use the right Ctrl, Alt, and Shift keys, there is little chance it will interfere with, say, a ReSharper shortcut I use.

Hello keyboard, my old friend! I'm free to type on you again!

Kyle the Re-invigorated