One of the things I've always hated about my otherwise-dashing Coding Hillbilly theme is that there was no easy way to get back to the home page. Normally, it's a pretty easy thing to do. Apply an anchor tag to the text and/or image in the title and away you go.

Unfortunately, I made a design decision early on that prohibits this. The image you see at the top is actually a background image for a <div>, not an <img> tag. Originally it was an <img>. But when I did that, I noticed the browser would start throwing up horizontal scroll bars when it was resized to be not as wide as the image + the search bar. And while I don't mind forcing users to scroll when the actual text warrants it, I *hate* forcing it just because you're proud of your pretty picture.

So I made it a background image and lo! I could now resize the screen so that the search bar can overlay that image if a user so desires. But it meant that there is no actual content to which I could apply an <a> tag to get users back to the home page. What to do, what to do.

Enter my CSS archnemesis: spacer.gif. Oh, how I loathe you and the fact that people still use you for layouts even though you are no longer necessary.

But you still can be useful. All I need to do is add you to the <div> at the top with an anchor tag and people will click you thinking they are clicking the image!

So that lasted about ten minutes until I came to my senses. A freakin' transparent gif filling the entire header? Not on my blog, sister.

The eventual solution: modify the <td> that makes up the left part of the header:

<td style="cursor:hand;" onclick="location.href='/'">

Yeah, Firefox doesn't recognize "cursor" in CSS but it's still better than nothing.

*UPDATE* Guess I'm showing my age. Firefox does support "cursor" in CSS. Just not cursor: hand. The correct, non-IE-specific version is cursor: pointer.