The following is an offshoot of my recent Sony troubles. In summary, I bought a Bravia in Miami, shipped it to the Bahamas, had a technical problem and called tech support. The full version is sexier.

The inevitable customer satisfaction survey came the next day. I was pretty fair I think, commending the CSR on her politeness and troubleshooting skills while making it clear I still have a problem. But I had to take the survey twice. The first time, I received the following when I submitted it:

Astute readers will recognize Firefox's open dialogue and that Firefox is trying to open an ASPX page as an external file type. I retook the survey in Internet Explorer and everything went through fine. Tried a third time in Firefox and got the same dialogue.

Not quite sure what's happening but you'd better believe I opened that page in VS2005. It is attached below. You'll notice it's a .NET 1.0 or 1.1 page and that there isn't any actual server-side code in it. No technical reason for it to be an ASPX page although I'd probably make it one myself in the chance server-side code needs to be added to it later.

Also note that the page that launched this, the actual survey, is a plain old ASP page. Not sure why Firefox isn't able to open the page while IE is. If I had to guess, it would be because ASPX pages aren't registered properly at Sony in IIS and IE is being forgiving. Actually that doesn't sound right now that I think about it.

Regardless, it seems Sony's survey site doesn't support my version of Firefox. But here is the URL for the survey (with the EventID stripped) if you want to play around with it yourself.

And Sony really should invest in a default page for

** UPDATE **

After taking a look at the original survey page's HTML, it might be a .NET page, evidenced by the fact that the submit button has runat="server" attached to it.

CISC_Survey_2.aspx (5.51 KB)