It was more trouble than it should have been but pictures of the new place are now available here.

The issue was definitely not with Flickr which was absolutely stunning in its simplicity and feature set for my first relatively in-depth use of the service. Their Windows Explorer support is nigh perfect. Nor was it with the PhotoInfo add-in from Microsoft I used to help tag the pictures. It's a neat little Explorer add-in that will likely add to the guilt I feel for not finding time to organize my life into neat little montages.

The problem I had was with the hardware. I couldn't find a way to get the pictures off the camera on to my computer. Oh, I know how. But we just bought a new Sony CyberShot over the holidays (and despite what that link implies, it comes in more colours than that one but not necessarily better ones. Trust me on that.) Anyway, like most Sony products of late, it doesn't play well with pretty much anything else I have.

The media is a stripped down version of their Memory Stick which requires an adapter (included with the camera) to interface with any regular Memory Stick card readers you may have.

I had a heck of a time finding that adapter. When I did, I had a heck of a time finding the card reader to plug into. So much so that I didn't actually find it. So I looked for the cord that could connect the camera directly to the computer. When I did, I couldn't find the camera itself anymore.

My solution, use the old camera, the very capable Canon PowerShot A95, which was close at hand with all the peripherals, plenty of battery life, and more than enough space left on the CompactFlash card.