We're really getting cocky now. Woke up at the crack of dawn (actually, I'm not sure if you're allowed to say "crack" in Utah so change that to "break of dawn") to see if I could get tickets to Hounddog (see review) which is one of the most talked-about movies at the festival this year, albeit for the wrong reasons. Man, this country can be prudish when it wants to be.

There were a total of six tickets remaining for Hounddog and I was about fifth in line when I arrived at the box office. Our main problem is that we already had tickets to Snow Angels for the same time. (On a side note, our most humble apologies to Kate Beckinsale for skipping her movie. Sorry, honey, I know I promised but I said that in the heat of passion. Just remember: We'll always have Utah.)

Anyway, the ticketing process is such that exchanging tickets takes a lot more time than outright buying them. I asked for two tickets to Hounddog and was told there were two left so I took a calculated risk and just bought them banking on our string of luck to somehow get rid of Snow Angels during the day.

As it turns out, I didn't have to wait too long. I managed to get rid of one ticket as I walked out of the box office. The other was pawned two hours before showtime outside the theatre to the second person we asked. The first person chastised us because he didn't think we were allowed to scalp tickets. Me: I'm pretty sure scalping involves selling tickets for a profit rather than a 33% loss, do you want it or not, J. Edgar?

Movie was an evening show so we spent the day shopping. Actually, I guess I should say we spent it purchasing judging from the Estrogen Defensive's clarification. Ian is now sporting his wife's name in Chinese under his other ear. I'm such an unloving husband. For my part, I limited my own self-mutiliation to dead skin cells rather than live ones and got a haircut from a very nice hairdresser with a passing resemblance to Winona Ryder.

After that, we hit Barnes & Noble where they had a crazy 2 for 1 deal on TV Box Sets. Ian got documentaries on the American west and the civil war, I got a compilation of Looney Tunes and season one of The Tick. Two brothers, so similar, yet so different. Also grabbed season three of Arrested Development which for my money, is the greatest sitcom ever shown on television.

After the movie, we made a failed attempt to find a restaurant that wasn't violating fire codes with their capacity and headed back to the hotel to order pizza online for the first time. And despite what the commercials say, Domino's does not sell brownies. They sell chocolate cake.