Four days in and the glamour is starting to fade. The mountains are no longer beautiful and majestic. They are the reason that my face is a dry, cracking mass that sheds a layer of skin every eight seconds. The license plates proclaming Utah as having the greatest snow on earth are no longer "quaint". They are a constant reminder that it's warmer in your refrigerator than it is outside. Even the Shilo Inn has developed a blemish in the form of the stairs 'twixt floors that are outside the building. Clearly the building was designed in the summer.

And in an attempt to quell the incessant naggi...err, heartfelt concern from every single woman in our family: we're eating properly. Went grocery shopping the first day and bought fruit, yogurt, cereal, milk, and eight packages of extra-fat bacon wrapped in lard. And before you ask, yes, we're wearing clean underwear. And will continue to do so for at least two or three more days.

Only one movie on the Sundance slate so we did a little bit of shopping. Google Maps failed us in our quest to find an Old Navy but we eventually found our way to a mall. An outdoor mall. In Utah. In the mountains. In winter. Note to city planners: not all concepts from Miami translate well to other cities. Anyway, Brother Ian found some clothing and I scoped out some potential gifts for baby Hillbilly in the form of a couple of sweaters that must have been made from recycled puppies they were so soft.

After that it was off to Ogden to watch Angel-A at the Peery's Egyptian Theatre in Ogden.

Best. Theatre. Ever.

Let's start with aesthetics. The walls are decorated to make it look like the outside walls of stone buildings on either side. When the lights are dimmed, the ceiling, which is painted black, sparkles with faux stars. There is a curtain at the front with a mural painted on it and the whole thing gives the impression of an outdoor venue.

But the piece de resistance, the coup de grace, the cherry on top: A huge organ right in front of the stage. And while we waited for our movie to start, an organist entertained with old show tunes! And according to the Ogden resident sitting next to me, they show old silent movies for free on Saturdays for the kids and the organist provides accompaniment! Clearly, this is where God watches His movies.

The movie itself was pretty average (see review). But before going in, we had planned to try to trade our tickets for Resurrecting the Champ, which is playing here Wednesday. We're going to be in Park City that day and weren't looking forward to the hour and a half drive to get here from Park City. After seeing the theatre though, it doesn't seem quite so long anymore.

Afterward, we decided to catch a "regular" movie, Children of Men in a nearby multiplex. Great movie but by the end of it, I was starting to realize that I ain't a young'un anymore. Last night marks the first time I've ever fallen asleep in a theatre (happened while waiting for it to start; I didn't miss any of the movie itself).

So Day 5 has one movie on the schedule and we'll spend the rest of the day recharging. Jayzus knows I have to be at my best when I meet Kate Beckinsale.

Which reminds me, celebrity viewing count is pretty low. Have seen only Rosalind Chao, who played Keiko O'Brien in one or more Star Trek series. Mind you, we aren't exactly seeking them out mostly because we wouldn't know what to do if we actually did meet someone like, say, Philip Seymour Hoffman. Tell him he was bad-ass in Mission: Impossible III but died like a bitch, I suspect.