All reports from here on in will be made from Shilo Inn until further notice.

Add to the list of Shilo Inn pluses water pressure that could strip paint off a wall (or in my case, the hair off your head).

The day was spent doing recon work. Got the lowdown on how to score tickets to shows that are sold out and will be testing the machinery tomorrow morning. After that, we made our way to Park City to see the magic in action. Sample conversation on the way from the hotel to the car:

Ian (who lives in Manitoba): Man, I could walk around in a t-shirt in this weather
Me (who lives in a saner climate): Shut the &%$* up and start warming up the car, Nanook

Wasn't nearly as busy as I expected at Park City. We managed to find parking without too much trouble. The logistics are handled a lot better than I gave the Sundance Organization credit for. People on almost every street corner asking if you know where you're going and shuttle and city buses that run often (but not necessarily accurately as the bus we were in changed drivers and, several stops later, routes).

We witnessed the wait list phenomenon in action at the Eccles Theatre which seats over 1200. And we also saw our first hissy fit, on this occasion by a reporter who felt he should be given access to the movie on the basis that, despite changes to the rules this year, he's been able to get in the same way since the 90s.

Park City itself is like Banff on steroids. I found myself wondering, "Yeah, it might be bigger but does it have any balls?" It has all the comforts of home, including Burger King, plastic surgery, and yoga. We overheard one couple talking about searching for a Starbucks:

She: I think I saw one by the Yarrow Theatre
He: That's eight blocks from here. I refuse to believe that in any mildly populated area, you need to work more than twenty minutes to a Starbucks.

Total celebrity sightings to date: zero although there is some debate in our hotel room whether the man who was asking everyone coming off the bus at Eccles Theatre if they had tickets for sale to Delirious was, in fact, William Hurt. On instruction from dear cousin Jocelyn, I will say hi to Robert "Bob" Redford and tell him "a man of his age and stature should get a proper haircut." And both my brother and I have agreed that upon first sighting of Kate Beckinsale, we will both be bringing up Utah's rather lax bigamy laws to her.

First movie is tonight in the relative safety of Salt Lake City. Until then, hot tub awaits.