Curse you, Rockarts! Here are five things people *should* know about me.

  1. It's pronounced buh-LAY, not BAY-lee. As in "belay that order". Derivation of the Ukrainian word for "white".
  2. Yes, I'm part Ukrainian. Trust me, it shows. On the plus side, I can eat perogies swimming in sour cream guilt-free.
  3. I. Love. Movies. All movies. I'll watch almost anything on film. You can pick me out pretty easily at But unlike most people, I much prefer to watch them in the theatre. Complain all you want, there's nothing like it. For some reason, I have a hard time putting an effort into watching DVDs. I have three-year-old DVDs in their original packaging. Yet, I'll watch a movie I own (but haven't yet watched) on TBS with it's one hour of commercials and harsh editting. If you need an explanation for this behaviour, see point 2. In any case, if you need a gift for me, gift certificates for a local theatre will never, ever be met with scorn.
  4. My original career choice: Actuary. Actually finished the degree and wrote some exams. Even wrote and passed one not two years past after an absence of over ten years from the industry.
  5. Finally, I *HATE* the Bahamas. Roll your eyes all you want, the fantasy is a lot different than the reality. There are a lot of exceptions but on the whole, this country is full of the most backward, gold-digging, hypocritical, lazy, inconsiderate, and downright stupid people on the planet, bar none. Incidentally, Anna Nicole Smith is not one of the exceptions.

I tag no one because almost everyone I could possibly tag has already been. Instead, I'll add one more: My song of choice at my funeral is The Rainbow Connection by Kermit the Frog (with Always Look at the Bright Side of Life by Monty Python as the closer if there's time).