I'm loving the Feature Browser. It's a feature in their designer where, rather than scrolling through a daunting list of properties for the grids, views, columns, etc., they give you a functional list, such as Editting, Grouping, Sorting, etc.

So if you want to allow grouping, say, you select the Grouping node and it gives you a list of properties related to Grouping. Basically a filtered view of the properties that is much more manageable and even comes with context-sensitive help as well as a preview window of how your setting will affect your grid. It's my main view now and I'm hip to its jive.

The other thing is a little idiosyncracy. In one of my grids, there was a + next to each item even though I had explicitly disabled grouping. The grid was read only and nothing happened when you clicked the +. Was kind of frustrating trying to get rid of it.

Turns out, XtraGrid recognized that one of the properties on the objects I was binding to was itself a collection and it added the + thinking I may want to show this collection of objects.

I didn't and the solution was to turn off the EnableMasterViewMode setting (conveniently located in the Master-Detail section of the Feature Browser).

Anyway, after pretty heavy use of the thing over the last couple of weeks, I'll give it four possum-skins outta five. Well worth the price, even if I did shell out extra for source code I'll never, ever look at.