So the Bahamian Hillbilly has moseyed on up to Calgary for the holidays for a few weeks of festive cheer. Came up on West Jet's brand new Nassau-TO flight and it's nice to see they still get their flight attendants from Stepford. Despite being unnaturally friendly, their attitude is infectious and a far cry from most of the attendants on Air Canada who are, shall we say, past their due date.

Other news is that the Hillbilly is on a diet. Seems there's too much cholesterol in the critters I've been eatin'. So I paid someone $120 to tell me I can't eat what I want anymore, like cheese and shellfish, then popped on up to visit my in-laws who met me with a bowl full of deep-fried shrimp and plate of perogies (complete with all the fixings: melted butter, fried onions, bacon, and sour cream).

Also means more fiber in the diet which my body took some time to adjust to. After a couple of days of oatmeal and All Bran, I was re-enacting a key scene from The Exorcist, only the Ukrainian version (i.e. I wasn't expelling from my mouth). While I made my demonic noises on the toilet, Syd played the part of Father Merrin, waving a kielbasa at me and chanting, "The power of Christ comPELs you. The power of Christ comPELs you."

Should be a fun holiday