This blog attracts some odd searches which I expected, given my theme. "hillbilly names", "hillbilly cycle", "hillbilly look", and "how to be a hillbilly" (!) are just some of the wacky things in my Referrers section as is "legal definition of office hours" which I'm kind of proud of. And apparently nothing bumps the numbers like referring to a free copy of Leon Redbone and Zooey Deschanels' Baby It's Cold Outside (sorry for you folks going away empty handed, I swear I have it around here somewhere here it is kiddies).

But how in the name of all things .NET did I come up twelfth in a search for "why does my ocd get worse when I'm praying to allah"? And even more baffling, why is the searcher clicking on a link that says "The Coding Hillbilly"?