By most accounts, I'm a patient hillbilly. I am willing to put up with Google paying $1.65B for YouTube and not filtering a couple hun'erd grand my way.

So I'm a little bewildered at how homicidal I get when, after an automatic update, Windows XP keeps popping up a dialogue that says, "hey buddy! I know I've reminded you every ten minutes or so for the last three hours that you need to reboot but just in case you forgot, it'd be SWELL if you considered rebooting now...NO? Right, gotcha, that's okay, I understand. I know you're in the middle of something and have six dozen windows open and don't want to break your concentration. I'll be here if you need me, though. Don't forget, okay? You gotta reboot. Not right now, mind you, but soon. Okay? Remember, reboot. Soon."

Seriously, this is really bugging me. In the past, I've eventually given in and rebooted but not this time. I'm in a battle of wills with it now. I'm betting it'll flinch first and stop reminding me. Now that I think about it, I think it's been at least a half hour since the last message. I think I may have finall---